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The complete list of requirements (required and optional) for stats++ is given below.

Note that stats++ has been developed to be minimally-dependent on external libraries[1].

License requirements are described here.

Requirements (required)

  • Unix-like (Linux, Mac OS X, etc.) or Windows[2] environment
  • C++14 compiler (GCC 6.0 fully tested)
  • (To compile executables) CMake (version 3.4.1 fully tested)
  • (Temporarily required[1], for stats++ executable use) Boost C++ libraries (version 1.58 fully tested)
  • (Temporarily required[1]) jScience (provided with stats++)

Requirements (optional)

Notes and references

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 In the future, stats++ may not require any external libraries.
  2. A Windows environment should work without problems, but support is in the experimental stage. If any issues are found, please report them to the discussion forums.